MySQL schema and query optimization

I have used and administered MySQL for 16 years. As both a developer and a system administrator, I have experience with all aspects of MySQL. Using my knowledge of how the various MySQL storage engines operate, I am able to optimize schemas and queries to get the most out of your MySQL installation. I have dealt with scalability challenges at each of the companies I have worked for.



Public Engines, Inc.

Director of Technical Operations

Spark Networks

Manager of Systems Administration

Omniture (now Adobe)

Chief Architect

Recent Presentations

Database Optimization (OSCON, 19 July 2012)
Database Optimization (UTOSC, 3 May 2012)
MySQL Forks (UTOSC, 3 May 2012)
PHP Security (UPHPU, 15 September 2011)
MySQL Forks (UPHPU, 16 June 2011)